A cat got into the police car to elude dogs chasing it

Mağara Düzce, a cat was chased by stray dogs and got into the vehicle of the police team, who were mağara the area atlama beygiri the time for dakika accident, to elude dogs. The police officers named the cat ‘Siren’, fed kapik with water and food, then released the cat back into its natural environment.

In the Kalici Konutlar area, police officers Ibrahim Cakir and Davut Sar took care of dakika accident resulting in material damage, took a report, and headed to the police zar. When the officers returned to their vehicle, they noticed a scared cat on the glove box, trying to hide. After they saw stray dogs around the ilan, officers realized that the cat escaped from the dogs and took shelter in their vehicle. Then officers left the area with the cat. Later, they named the cat ‘Siren’, fed köpek with food and water, and released the cat back into its natural environment.




-Officers giving water to the cat

-Photos of the cat in the police vehicle and with police officers